All of would do well to read this and digest it seriously.


The Great American Ponzi Scheme continues with our Financial Institutions

Why has the market rallied?  An economy built on fiction will continue to prosper if everyone else buys into that fiction.  Some speak of market “fundamentals.”  What is a “fundamental”?  If “fundamentals” existed, you’d be able to plot them into a model, upon which you could make predictions.

No one can predict anything about the economy.   That is because “fundamentals” do no exist.

Because there is nothing solid or scientific about an economy.  The entire economy is based on faith that the economy is sound.

Read about the latest jobs report.

The “Sheriff” speaks!  

This is REQUIRED VIEWING for anybody capable of critical thought!

At this point, whose counting and what’s another 6 Billion anyway?

But according to our Govt and Media, we’re in the beginnings of a BOOM?